Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will It Ever Be Sunny Again?

With so many recent disasters related to weather this year and so many people displaced, it doesn’t feel right complaining about a week of rain. But I can’t help it. I need to write this, if anything for some therapy for myself to try to make it through this blustery, cold, rainy late May week. The kind of week that makes me question my commitment to Boston, my family and my friends who live here. It wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t done this already this year. After the sixth Noreaster and the seven feet of snow this winter, I was ready to pack up my and move anywhere warm. I cursed my warm weather friends, who happily updated their Facebook status to “walking on the beach” or “just got back from a jog outside.” I daydreamed often about luxuries like long summers, warm evenings eating dinner and drinking wine outdoors, and taking my daughter to school without a struggle to get her into her marshmallow-like winter coat. Why do I torture myself for five to six months a year in this land that Mother Nature hates, when the other half of the country lives in luxury? It seems so easy and those people seem so smart in the winter. But it’s not easy. Because despite all of its issues, its harsh, soul testing, property destroying weather, I still love it here. I know I’m crazy and so is everyone else who lives here, but there is something about this town that draws you in and helps you recover quickly from a rainy May week like this. The people come together and bond in their weather misery. Bostonians are known to not like outsiders – I think it’s because outsiders don’t have that bond with us yet. Survive a few winters and springs here with us, decide you’ll stay, and we’ll love you forever. I may have my bags packed several times and a real estate agent lined up sell the house each year in the heart of winter, but I know I’ll never leave. And for now I’m content to look longingly at this picture of my recent trip to Mexico. “That’s what the sun looks like and it does actually shine,” I remind myself. Someday soon it will shine here too. Hopefully sometime before July.  

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