Friday, May 6, 2011

Featured Artist Friday - By JSE

With it being Mother's Day weekend, and the weekend before my mom's surgery to conquer kidney cancer, my very first featured artist is my mother, Jeannette (By JSE). She's been painting ever since I can remember, and always encouraged us to be creative. The thing I have most in common with my mom is that we both have crowded minds, with too much we want to do and not enough hours in the day to do all of it. My mom tries though, staying up all hours working on new projects and paintings. She sees everything in the world through an artistic lens. I love going to my mom's house, because there's always something new to see that she's been working on. Emma's a little small yet, but someday I hope she has an easel in my mom's studio.
My mom loves layers in her paintings. What I love about them is that there's usually something with meaning hidden underneath the paintings, layered in and barely visible. She uses cards, photos, scraps of paper, newspaper clippings or whatever has caught her attention to add texture, and then layers different colors of paint on top of and around them. This gives her paintings a unique touch and a lot of depth. Some of my mom's art can be found on her website,, and she does art shows and galleries often around the Boston area. Happy Mother's Day to my artistic mom, my very first featured artist.

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