Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mommy Book

I was so excited today when my hubby and Bean gave me my Mother's Day present. I admittedly dropped more than a subtle hint for it after I saw it in a Real Simple magazine. It's the Mommy Book, which will be filled each holiday with my kid's drawings and writing as their gift to me. That's all I want from them, to have one book filled with the progression of their printed works as they grow up. Right now it's mostly scribbles from Emma and her little hand print, but I know in just a few years there will be pictures of her fantasies and hopefully the scribbles of a baby brother or sister for her. I hope it sticks and becomes a tradition, and maybe takes on a life of its own as they get older. I'm so grateful for my hubby, for finding such an amazing handmade book. It's beautiful, and it makes me such a happy mommy.

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