Friday, May 13, 2011


Today I am grateful to have a husband who is helping me get through the pile of adoption paperwork that I am totally overwhelmed by. I don't mind writing the 10-page autobiography or the birth mother letters, or putting together the photo albums. But the paperwork exhausts me. This time around is so different. The last time the adoption process was stressful because of the emotional element. I cried with every document because I was bitter that we had to go through all the paperwork to become parents, when everyone else has a few drinks and a late night to get there. This time I'm not bitter. I'm happy and proud to be an adoptive mommy. My weekends and evenings are filled with playing outside, imaginary tea parties, and messy art projects. I'm not sitting around thinking about how much more fun the old fashioned way to parenthood would be, like I was the last time. But that's the hardest part this time. After days full of work, errands, playing, bath time, dishes, laundry and packing daycare bags, who wants to deal with paperwork? It's logistically so much more challenging this time around with our jobs and our active toddler, even if it isn't emotional. And that is why I am grateful for my husband today and all days, and why we work so well together. While I could write forever, he is able to methodically work through the 31 documents and get organized without losing it. We're almost there, just a couple doctors appointments and a few more signatures to go. Thank you to my organized, OC, neat and tidy husband for getting us through this part of the process.

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