Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chalkboard Quote Wednesdays

I didn't have a great idea in mind for themes when I started this blog last week. I just wanted to get it started and go from there. The first several postings are just scattered thoughts and pictures. But now that I've done this for over a week, the ideas are starting to come on interesting things to blog about. One of my favorite things in our house is our big chalkboard in our kitchen. We use it for everything, and I love the look of it. It makes the kitchen less formal and more fun, and it's useful for notes and lists. I've decided that on Wednesdays, or on days when there just doesn't seem to be anything to blog about (doesn't seem possible right now), I'll do a chalkboard quote. If you have any ideas for quotes, let me know! This week is from Shakespeare, and I like it because it has to do with this blog. It took me FOREVER to get this thing started, because I didn't have that "great" idea and I kept waiting for it to happen. But as Shakespeare reminds us, nothing ever comes from nothing, and so I'm happy I started this blog and didn't sit around waiting any longer. For more Shakespeare quotes, I like this website because it just gives the quotes and then you can click into them to read more about each play.

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