Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adoption Baby Bump Post on Spearmint Baby

I follow the Spearmint Baby blog daily. I literally am on there several times a day, and I could spend (and have spent) hours linking to different sites from there. One of today's posts gave me goosebumps, Adoptive Baby Bump. I was so happy to see it there. As an adoptive mom, I never got to experience the "baby bump" in the traditional sense and the joys of carrying my little girl in my belly. For four long years I dealt with the pain of longing for a baby, a longing for feeling the little flutter when that baby starts to move in your tummy, and that special glow that pregnant women walk around with. It was so painful that even writing about it makes me tear up. That part of my life is long gone, a distant memory that literally only sparks when I think about it like this. We made it through, and we adopted the most beautiful, perfect baby I've ever seen. She's 2 years old now and continues to wow us every day with her amazing smile and curious, spunky little attitude. During our infertility and adoption wait process, I used to cry any time I'd see anything about pregnancy - pregnant friends, stories in magazines, fertility blogs, etc. If I had followed Spearmint Baby back then, I know I would have cried with each of the Baby Bump posts. It wouldn't have stopped me from following the blog, but it would have been harder. Now that I am a mommy and I'm past that pain, I can read the Baby Bump posts without emotion. Not necessarily happily, as it still reminds me of what I didn't have. But at least without pain. Seeing the Adoption Baby Bump post made my day, my week actually. In about 5 days when we turn in our paperwork for baby #2, I can say I have an Adoption Baby Bump like this post - ok maybe we're still in the First Trimester because we still have to get through the home study and that's probably the adoption equivalent to morning sickness - but at least it feels like we've seen that first ultrasound, we know there will be a baby someday soon and I'm starting to daydream again about baby names and tiny onesies. Maybe our little girl and this baby-to-be didn't grow in my tummy. But they grew in my heart.

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