Thursday, May 19, 2011

Livin The Dream Magazine, aka LTD Mag

A common conversation that my hubby and I have when we call each other from work goes like this: Ring ring, "Hey honey, what are you up to?" Response: "Oh, you know, just livin the dream, livin the dream." A few months ago we were joking around one night after a day of commuting, working, cleaning, paying bills, shoveling snow, parenting, etc etc and we came up with an idea called "Livin the Dream Magazine," a blog or magazine dedicated to Livin the American Dream. I wish I had time to create another blog, if anyone out there wants to, please feel free!! We even came up with a logo:

LTD Magazine: Domestic Bliss One Day at a Time, featuring the following sections:

1. This s--t needs to get done. How to successfully eliminate all joyful activities from your life to make sure everything gets done.
2. When 5 days of daycare aren't enough, how to maximize all 11 hours each day.
3. Blackberry adultery, are you becoming too close to your portable electronics?
4. E-mail inbox, friend or foe?
5. Thoughts from the Cube
6. How to eat all week but never actually cook
7. How to blow your discretionary budget and have nothing to show for it
8. Sub out all chores for under $10 an hour, how neighbor kids provide a major benefit
9. Thoughts from the train, daily musings on the commuter life
10. Finance dilemas: when $200 a day still isn't enough
11. How to eliminate sleep altogether, because 8 hours of sleep is silly folklore
12. The new no-contact relationship - building relationships with no face-to-face contact ever
13. Living without the Internet, and other modern addictions

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