Monday, May 30, 2011

What We Found in Our Front Lawn

For some reason there are a ton of creepy crawlies out so far this summer. We've seen more snakes, spiders and other assorted bugs this year than any other year before. Maybe they had more time to grow with it being so cold for so long? I don't know, but there's a ton of them out there and it really grosses me out. But today we came home to something else in our front lawn, in one of the bushes right next to the house. I had noticed birds flying in and out of this bush for the last week or so, so when we got home tonight and I saw one fly out I had to take a look. There in the bush was a perfect bird's nest with five baby blue eggs. They're not tiny eggs, they're about the size of a small chicken egg. And they're the lightest color blue-I did some quick research and they look like either Finch or Robin eggs which we've seen around here. We didn't want to stay too long to disturb them, but I had to get a few pics. Bean was so excited about them, and she's even more excited about when they hatch to see the baby chicks. This bush is low to the ground so we should get to see those chicks, and we'll have to make sure they're safe!

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