Friday, May 6, 2011

Pics at Lunch - Kings Chapel

With so little time outside of work and family life these days, I try my best to get in a walk and a few pictures at lunch on days when I don't have meetings during that time. I'll call them Pics at Lunch from now on. Boston has so many great places to photograph, so it's pretty easy to find a good subject every time I walk around. Today I had to run to grab lunch before a noon meeting, and I had just enough time to squeeze in a picture of King's Chapel. This church is directly across the street from my office, and I walk by it every day usually in a rush to get to a meeting or get out of the cold, or to avoid snow piles that tend to fall from the top of it more than other buildings. I've stared at the top of it from meetings in conference rooms that overlook it, and I've always found it curious that it doesn't have a steeple like most churches. It's an interesting story- the original structure was a small wooden church built in 1688 to serve British officers (the King's men) who were here to enforce British law. It was taken down and re-designed in the mid-1700's after British forces left the colony.  Funds dried up before it could be completed and it was left it as-is, with no steeple.

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