Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Favorite TV Houses

Thanks to the people over at Hooked on Houses, I was able to find pictures of my favorite TV houses: The Dunphy house from Modern Family, and Adam and Kristina Braverman's house on Parenthood. I LOVE both of these houses, and wish I could recreate them exactly for our house. If I had a million dollars maybe. One room I've paid close attention to in these houses is the living room. Our current living room needs help - it's not bad, but definitely far from our dream living room. The Dunfy and Braverman living rooms are my dream rooms and eventually I want our's to look like one or both of them. Our current furniture and wall color in our living room most closely matches the living room on Parenthood, so we could probably easily and cost effectively recreate that one, but I also love some of the elements from the Modern Family living room - especially the stair case and the photo wall. Anyways, here are some of the photos:

First favorite TV house: Adam and Kristina Braverman's house on Parenthood. See more pics here. I love this entryway, especially the color and the roman shades, and all the fun frames and artwork.

View to the Braverman kitchen set - love the red chairs with the green walls (B-Moore Saybrooke Sage) and the mix of eclectic stuff.
Another closer-up view of the kitchen
View of the Braverman living room. I want that comfy looking striped sofa!! 
 View of the Braverman dining room set. Love the red bookcase (Crate & Barrel, my parents have this in their house).  
 View of the Braverman bedroom. What you can't see is their vintage bathroom. They somehow made a 60's style bathroom look super cool.

Second favorite TV house: The Dunphy house on Modern Family. To see more click here. I couldn't find quite as many pics on this one, but the kitchen and living room are the rooms I like best. Here's the outside, also awesome.
 View of the living room and the stairwell. Love the sofa with the striped pillows.
 View of the living room and part of the stairwell.
 View of the kitchen. Love the table and all the artwork, and the colors.

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