Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Flu

Today was day two of the tummy flu that hit our house. It hit Bean first, and then daddy. He's still down for the count, and I'm officially Doctor Mom. I get a little restless on sick days with Bean, especially in the winter when you can't even open the windows to let the germs out. I always feel bad because I go totally stir crazy with a sick toddler after a few days. But I try to enjoy it as much as I can and work through the stir craziness. After all, when I'm at work all I want to do is be home with my baby. When she's sick we get to spend every waking hour together, with her cuddled on my lap looking pitiful and needing nothing more than to sit with me. These days she wants to do everything herself, "no mommy, me do that." When she's sick, we do everything together and she sets aside that mini independent self that she's become. I hate seeing her sick and I still go mildly stir crazy after a few housebound days, but I know that taking care of a sick baby is what being a mommy is all about. I wanted to be a mommy for so many long hard years, so I'll try my best to treasure the snuggle time that comes with a sick baby, even if she is vomiting all over me!! Here's a photo from what we did today when Bean started to feel better. A simple picnic on the kitchen floor, with her dollies and Princess tea set.

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