Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shared Ideas from Brooklyn Limestone Website

I've been looking around at tons of amazing blogs lately as I'm searching ideas for my blog. There are so many out there that it gets overwhelming. While all of them are good, there are a few that I think stand out as great, and Brooklyn Limestone In Progress is one of them. Not only does she have her own great original ideas on decorating, travel, photography, renovations, and even a very cool Brooklyn visitors guide, but she also is great at posting links to sites she's recently visited. I could (and have) spend hours looking through all the great photos, ideas, and links from this site. Definitely check it out.

I love decorating myself, and today's post on Brooklyn Limestone is right up my alley. I think people have a very hard time decorating because they don't know where to start and get stuck. Whenever I have a problem room, the first thing I do is to take a picture of it, print it out, and begin to build an idea board around it with colors and other things that I want to see in the room. I use old magazines, pictures I've printed out and saved, Pottery Barn catalogues, paint chips, fabric swatches, and scraps of anything that sparked my imagination for the room. It doesn't have to look at all like a room, it's just a way to get all of your ideas into one spot, sort of like a brainstorming session with pictures. I usually do mine on a large drawing pad, but they can also be done digitally. Today's post on Brooklyn did just that and she's done several of these. She took a blank room that she wants to redo, found a painting she likes for inspiration for colors, and then started putting together an idea board with other colors and things to complement it.  

So, in addition to checking out the Brooklyn Limestone website (caution: could consume a lot of your free time), consider using this decorating strategy for rooms you just can't figure out. Start with a picture, a few inspirational ideas or colors, and build on it.  

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