Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY Mason Headboard

I’ve been trying to find options for a king size headboard for our new master bedroom. I thought about using an old door as in this post. But I found a Pottery Barn headboard that I fell in love with that goes perfectly with our décor, the Mason Headboard.
The problem was the price tag. Even if I wasn’t in budget mode with reducing my work hours in a few weeks, I still just can’t justify a $1,000 price tag ($799 price and then a $75 shipping surcharge and 10% shipping cost) for a headboard. That doesn’t even include the frame or anything, it’s just the headboard alone. Yeah, not worth $1,000 in my mind. That’s why I was so freaking excited to find the detailed plans for a DIY version of this exact Mason headboard on Ana White. Here’s a picture of the DIY version. I’d go a little darker on the stain like the original, but overall this version looks almost exactly like the Pottery Barn version at a fraction of the cost. 
If you’ve never been to the Ana White website, definitely check it out. She has hundreds of plans for DIY versions of popular Pottery Barn furniture options. She gives detailed plans including all the lumber and tools necessary, which can be viewed or printed as PDF files. There’s also posts on the site from other DIYers who have tried the plans with advice and additional photos. Admittedly I don’t think this site would be very useful to me if I didn’t have a handy husband with all the tools necessary and patience required for these types of projects. I’m less than proficient in DIY projects that require tools-someone could get hurt with me in charge. But thankfully I do have a DIY husband who is awesome at this stuff. And he promised to make me an even-better-than-the-original version of the Mason bed. For about $175 instead of $1,000. Thank you husband, and thank you Ana White!

Here’s a few more pics of the Mason DIY using the Ana White plans:
Recycled Wood Mason DIY

Distressed White Mason DIY on Balancing Everything


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