Monday, August 8, 2011

What We Did This Weekend - Family Fun

A few of my favorites from this weekend. We took Thursday and Friday off for a long weekend with family and friends. I'm sad it's over, but happy for all the great memories.

Our nieces came in from CT for the weekend and we took them to Crane's beach. We walked for hours and hours and collected hundreds of sea shells. We went at low tide in the morning, and were able to walk the tidal rivers and out to what we call "The End of the Earth," an area where you can walk into what looks like the middle of the ocean at low tide. It looks like you're standing at the edge of the world out there. Here's the girls in one of the tidal rivers, and playing in a tidal pond:

While we were chillin with the girls, the boys were at a Red Sox game at Fenway:

The next day we played dressup and music in the playroom all morning. Here's the girls in their "band" with Bean on piano:  

On Sunday we celebrated the birthday of a very special family member who turns 90 this week. Bean absolutely loves him and it was so great to see them laughing together.

Bean also showed off her ballet moves to the crowd. So far she's not shy, and seems to like the spotlight!

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