Monday, June 20, 2011

Vintage Door as Headboard

We plan on moving our master bedroom downstairs within a few years so that our kids can have the run of the upstairs. The problem is, this will leave us with less space (the downstairs MB is smaller than the upstairs room) and no spare bedroom (critical for nights when we can't sleep or one of us is snoring). The key to success will be a king sized bed (hopefully), something we've been wanting for a while but have said we'll wait for as a present when we're a family of four. In our family of four fantasy we're able to have both kids in the bed with us on stormy nights or other nights when they are scared or just want to snuggle. And we'll all wake up happy and refreshed from a good night's sleep - NOT possible in my mind in a queen sized bed. Anyways, the downstairs MBroom is just big enough for a king-sized bed and a couple of dressers, but not big enough for a big king-sized bed frame. My idea is to use an old door as the headboard so that we don't need a full frame, something I've liked for a while but have never actually done. Turns out most old doors are the perfect size for king-sized beds, and as long as you find the right sized door you won't even need to do any major handywork. Here's some of my inspiration headboards:

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