Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bean's Big Girl Desk - In Progress

I've been working on painting Bean's desk for her big girl room-see this post for the original inspiration piece and the paint colors. I have so many projects that I want to do - it makes me happy when I actually have one in progress. So far I LOVE the color, Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze. It's a great spray paint, it goes on evenly and dries smoothly. You can't tell at all that it's spray paint. I think I'll be using that brand again for other projects, it's so easy.

Here's the desk before:

And now here's some "in progress" pictures, with two coats of paint so far. I think it'll need two more coats, for a total of four. It's several coats and probably will end up being four cans of spray paint. But that's still less than $30 total and WAY easier than regular paint. I think each coat took about 10 minutes. After I'm done with the spray paint layers I'll be adding some glittery white details, and I think it'll be perfect.


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