Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Ideas Tuesday - Made By Joel

I usually have links to several different sites on New Ideas Tuesday, but this week I found one site that I feel deserves its own post. I recently discovered this amazing website by artist Joel Henriques, madebyjoel.com. The website is a very creative site that shares all kinds of great children's art activities and other ideas for kids for free. For FREE - that's what I love about it other than how awesome the artwork actually is - here is an incredible artist who has spent hours and hours creating such great artwork and activities, and he is totally open to sharing this with the world. What an amazingly selfless thing to do. I personally have already used several of the project ideas, free printable coloring sheets, and free printable paper cities with my daughter. They are the best and Bean loves them, and they are so easy to use with a little bit of cardstock and a printer.

Here's a few of my favorite posts. Definitely check out the Paper City series for several great scenes to print out. I love the Sydney Opera House and Luna Park set.
The latest is the Paris set and I totally love it:
The Duck and Goat coloring sheets are awesome too and so great for an easy toddler activity. There's several great ones in the Coloring Sheets set to check out.
We live near the ocean and we're always finding driftwood at the beach, so I liked this post on Driftwood Fish.
And this one, fleece play squares for babies is great, I'll be using this one for our next baby for sure. 
Definitely check out madebyjoel.com. You'll love it and I haven't even scratched the surface for all the great ideas on the site.

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