Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blue Eyes

Bean with my mom
My daughter has beautiful blue eyes. Ok, I'm biased and I know this is probably more opinion than fact. But for me the blue of her eyes is meaningful because I'm amazed at how similar her eye color is to mine, my mom's and my maternal gramma's even though she didn't physically come from this bloodline. I've always been amazed by this, and I always find myself thinking of how much her eyes remind me of my Gram's eyes. As an adoptive parent and as part of a big group of adoptive families, I'm constantly amazed at how much our adoptive children resemble us. Maybe not in eye color, hair color, or even skin color. Some in a little more subtle ways like an expression or sense of humor, but a resemblance none the less. There's this whole nature versus nurture debate out there and I'm sure the similarities are due to a little of both. But I don't care so much about that. What I care about is how much it proves to me that there's a plan out there for all of us, and to have faith in it and to submit to it a little even when we don't want to. My daughter's eyes prove to me that we were meant to find each other in this big wide universe and I am forever grateful for that.  There's a connection between us that even I didn't know about until she first opened her eyes as a newborn. It makes me a believer in faith, a believer in fate. If I ever veer down a path where I find myself forgetting my faith, I just have to look at my daughter's blue eyes and I'll remember.

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