Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No More Movie Mind Blank

I feel like I hear about all kinds of interesting movies to see, and then when it comes time to find one to watch on a weekend night I completely forget all of them. I used to get this movie mind blank in movie stores, maybe from being overwhelmed by the number of movies and all the flashy covers and all. But with no more movie stores around, the mind blank usually comes when we're flipping through options on On Demand, Apple TV, or sorting through the local Redbox. There's so much crap out there that it makes it tough to find the gems. That's why I'm re-posting this post from the people at Jeremy and Kathleen on their favorite documentaries. So that next time I find myself with a move mind blank, I can pull up this post and find ideas. There's several in here that I've already seen, but also several I haven't that I forgot about. Thank you Jeremy and Kathleen!!

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