Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dollhouse - Inspiration

When Bean was born a friend of my mom's generously gave us a great old dollhouse that her kids had used when they were little. It's kind of a mess right now and the front part is cheap particle board that will have to be replaced. But there's something very cool about it and I'd love to "renovate" it for Bean's room. I could much more easily go out and buy the pre-done Pottery Barn version for $200. That would be a LOT less work which is tempting with so many other projects that I want to do. But this dollhouse has such meaning to it, being pre-loved by other kids and as a gift to Bean as a newborn. Here it is now:

And here's my inspiration dollhouse from here:

There's no way I'll ever in a million years have enough time or patience to create a masterpiece like this one, which I think looks better than our real house!! But we could get pretty close with our dollhouse and then Bean will have a one of a kind house instead of the same one that every other girl on the street has. Thanks for the inspiration Mousehouse!!

1 comment:

  1. my pleasure! yours looks like a fantastic one to renovate- love the criss -cross windows on the house. Have fun decorating- would love to see a pic when it's done :)


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