Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspiring The Inner Engineer

I've always been more artist than engineer, interested more in drawing and painting things than building them. But these prings from 20x200 artist Todd McLellan have inspired me to want to take stuff apart and see the "art" that went into making them. Next time I'm at a tag sale I think I'll buy some cheap old electronics and work on taking them apart with Bean to maybe inspire her inner engineer. All of these old things that we now take for granted are amazingly intricate, and seeing all these old parts makes me appreciate all the human innovation and engineering (that art) that went into making them. There is definitely a major element of creativity to engineering.

Old digital clock
Old camera
Old typewriter

PS, if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, the COSI museum has a room dedicated to taking things apart - check it out here.

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