Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Toddler's Father's Day

7:45am - Wake up ready to go (later than normal at least...woohooo) screaming mamamamama, thinking "what, it's Father's Day? I thought that every second of every minute of every hour of every day right now was hang on Mother's Leg Day?"
7:50am - Peepee in potty, yay!!!
8:00am - Nicely wake daddy up out of bed on his special day by pulling his blanket off and saying, "Daddy you need wake up like Mommy!"
8:15am - Refuse to get off of mommy's lap so she can make daddy breakfast for his special day, saying "No, daddy do that."
8:30am - Eat breakfast - some of mommy's, some of daddy's, some of whatever isn't in her cereal bowl that she asked for.
9:00am - Wrap daddy's present and "help" quote, unquote, mommy put Gragra's birthday present together.
9:30 -  Peepee in potty, yay!
10:00am - Play with mommy while daddy enjoys his special day with a trip to Home Depot and CVS for exciting things like grass seed and pullup diapers.
11:00am - Fight with daddy and mommy about getting ready for the birthday/father's day lunch at Nunnie and Gragra's house.
11:30am - Look ridiculously cute in big girl underwear and big girl underwear outfit that mommy got to celebrate the cost savings of no more diapers.
12:00pm - Resist the urge to fall asleep in the car on the way to the lunch, instead use the loudest voice possible to "sing" all the way there.
1:30pm - Pretend to be shy when all the guests arrive, for about 2 seconds until it is safe to be spicy again.
2:30pm - Complain because we haven't eaten Gragra's birthday cake yet, about 6 times.
3:00pm - Play "night night time" with everyone in the house by covering them with a blanket on the hardwood floor and telling them "shut your eyes it's bed time now." 
3:30pm - Start to lose it when cousins leave.
4:00pm - Peepee in potty, yay!!! 
4:30pm - Really lose it because the afternoon nap didn't happen.
5:00pm - Fall FAST asleep in the car on the way home, not quite realizing that mommy and daddy wasted a few dollars on gas for a longer nap and were able to eat ice cream in the car without a stir.
5:30pm - Give daddy his father's day gifts, but make sure to sit on mommy's lap and turn away when daddy asks for a hug.
6:00pm - Watch two episodes of Dora the Explorer and eat a bowl of plain pasta because that's all she wants.
7:00pm - Refuse to take a bath, but once forced in enjoy it.
7:10pm - Refuse to get OUT of the bath.
7:15pm - Finally say "I love you Daddy happy daddy day" and give him a big hug and kiss, and make his day.
7:30pm - Try to get mommy to read 5 books and avoid sleep, but pass out cold once head hits the sheets.  Aggghhhhhh.

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