Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Missing My Baby

Bean is staying with her gramma and grampa, Meme and Papi, in Connecticut this week. She's in daycare five days a week most weeks, and she needed a break to get away from school and hang out with her grandparents and cousins. My hubby and I also needed a little break from the daily grind, it gives us the opportunity to get some things done, hang out with each other a little, and sleep in just an extra wonderful half hour each morning before work. It's all good, but I miss her badly this week and I find myself constantly looking at pictures of her as the days slowly tick by until I can see her again. I love that we have the best family ever who actually wants to keep her for a few days, and that she loves hanging out with them. But I also hope that this is the last time she has to be gone for an entire week to allow us to catch up. It just doesn't seem right that we have to ship her off to be able to go to work. I understand the occasional vacation or a night or two of freedom to enjoy, but I can't stand shipping her off just to be able to work more all week. Oh well, we're trying to enjoy what we can of our week of freedom, we're taking advantage of little luxuries like not having to go to the grocery store, the freedom to leave the house when we want, the ability to hang pictures with a hammer and nail past 7pm when she goes to bed, and the ability to go out to eat (which we've done EVERY night this week so far). It is also nice to catch up with each other, and we'll probably be refreshed and ready for the daily grind again next week. I'm just hoping and praying that soon, very soon we don't have to ship her off in order to work. Life just seems too short for that.

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