Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Ideas Tuesday

Right now life is so busy that I feel like this blog is a way to store ideas for later. I'm like an idea squirrel, storing idea "nuts" for the winter. There's so many great ideas out there, I find it hardest to keep track and to not get overwhelmed by all of them. I haven't quite figured out the best strategy for this - maybe I take two days a week off of idea hunting, maybe no idea hunting on the weekend? I'm not sure yet, because it's something I really enjoy but it does get overwhelming. For now I think I'll start New Ideas Tuesday, a collection of some of the most intestesting ideas I've found through the week.

Idea #1: Ivory Soap Experiment from a very creative mommy blog here

Idea #2: Mini Polaroid Magnet project here

Idea #3: Magazine rack from an old pallet here

Idea #4: Cool art display here

Idea #5: Free Paris gift tag printables here

Idea #6: Tiny kitchen from recycled TV or microwave cart here

Idea #7: Cool bookshelf display here

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