Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Ideas

I missed Tuesday for new ideas Tuesday (see previous post for my excuse on why), but that's ok, Thursday will do for New Ideas day. Here's my top finds for the week:

I saw this awesome recycled vintage mirror idea a while ago and I'm happy to have rediscovered it. I love this idea. See more details on this great DIY from ECAB here.

This is a very cool idea for a sibling pic series. Must try after baby #2 arrives. I'll hope Bean is as gentle as this sweet older sibling. See more of Ray Law Photography here

Ok and this is just about the coolest idea EVER, for me especially since my husband doesn't drink wine much and I always end up tossing half a bottle because thankfully I can't usually drink that much in one sitting. Now I can feel ok about opening a bottle of wine and only drinking half of it. I can freeze the rest of it for cooking!! Totally the best idea ever from The Art of Doing Stuff here.

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