Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Your Home Style?

Bean and I were walking around the neighborhood today, talking about all the houses and which ones were our favorites. She mostly liked the ones that I pointed out, although she did point out a few that she liked because of pink doors or purple flowers or something like that. She doesn't really have a sense of her decorating style right now of course-I mean, she's two. But it got me thinking about what her style will be when she grows up. What type of house will she live in? Will she like what I like at all? Will she be more modern than I am? I don't know, it's a very random thought I know, I was just thinking about what she'll be like when she grows up and what type of style she'll have. Everyone is so different in their style. What I consider nice is probably only nice to me. My style is somewhat "eclectic" I guess you can say. It's pretty similar to my parents, I didn't stray that far from them where home decorating is concerned. I'd consider my style to be "vintage-inspired modern French country." I think that's an oxymoron with both vintage and modern in the same line, but that's sort of what our house is. I like a mix of old and new, I've always shied away from bedroom or living room "sets" where everything matches. We don't have matching anything in our house. Every side table, dresser and bookcase is different. Some are new, bought at Pottery Barn or Ikea or Crate and Barrel, and some are very old bought at flea markets. And I like to throw in totally random pieces like my very favorite orange Eames style desk chair in our office that totally offsets the traditional look of the room. Sometimes I crave more balance, a little more "matching." But I'd get bored with that. So, what's your style? And do you ever wonder what type of style your kids will like? Ever thought about where they might live, or what their house will look like?

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  1. Color is my style. I get tired of everything being matchy matchy or "boring" type stuff. I need some bold prints in my life. The thing is, though, my house doesn't reflect it. Maybe one day when I'm rich and famous it will! lol In the meantime we'll just keep dealing with the hand me downs and offcasts that end up in our house. As for sara -- I think she is finally getting some of my funky needs....tonight she put on some fun striped monkey socks I bought for her weeks ago. She is into anything that involves animals, especially cats. Then again, she has 20 nice monsters as imaginary friends so who knows what kind of fun she really does have deep down in her.


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