Monday, October 17, 2011

What We Did This Weekend

A nice laid back fall weekend with a lot of playing, football, a birthday party, and a pumpkin patch.

Bean's good friends from school at a 3rd birthday party. We want to recreate this when they are 18. I hope to know all of these families then, they are the nicest group of families ever.
 Target practice with Daddy with a Nerf gun and a Lego table. This probably isn't the best thing ever to be teaching our kid, but she loved it. And those foam darts are harmless!!
 The targets.
 A trip to Marini's Farm in Ipswich for some Halloween fun.

 Jumping on the giant bouncy floor. I've never seen one like this before, it was just a giant bubble on the ground.
Pure joy, running across the bouncy thing. It took two of us, one on either side to catch her as she ran across.
 Daddy love.
 Miss Spider
 Chasing Daddy around the mini maze.

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