Friday, October 14, 2011

Manhattan from Above

I've been traveling for work a little more lately, which is why I haven't posted as much lately. This week was Dallas, last week was NYC. I took a few pics last week when we were flying into the city, and I didn't care that my boss was laughing at me!! It was a perfect day and the view of the city from the air always takes my breath away. It's such an impressive city.
 And of course I always love seeing my favorite Brooklyn Bridge from the air.
Have you ever seen the NYC World's Fair grounds in Astoria? You can see them when you fly into Laguardia. I think the grounds are hauntingly interesting, from an era of dreamers. I wish they'd have a world's fair again. Some day I'd like to sneak into the grounds and walk around.
 This was the view from our conference room, straight down Park Ave. It was hard to concentrate while looking out this window. The picture from my phone can't capture how awesome the view is.
 And then flying back into Boston that night, for the most beautiful sunset ever over the city.

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