Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally Found My Coffee Shop

I've been searching all over the North Shore of Boston for a good coffee shop to hang out in. I really miss my city coffee shops, I loved Diesel in Somerville, and Intelligentsia in Chicago. These days it seems like there's nothing but Dunkin and Starbucks. Don't get me wrong, I heart a good cup of iced Dunkin with a few munchkins, and the Starbucks Misto is my morning savior. But I really wanted to find a local place with great coffee and a great atmosphere to work. I love working at coffee shops. There's something about the smells and sounds and music and talking that makes me laser focused and able to get tons of work done. I'm so happy I finally found Atomic Cafe in Beverly, MA. It's a tiny place that looks like a mix of a coffee shop and a diner. The coffee is great and the breakfast and lunch menu delicious. It makes for a great "office" on my work from home days, especially with free WiFi.

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