Monday, January 30, 2012

Lock It In

Yesterday was one of those days where everything worked. Bean woke up on the later side so we got to sleep in a little. We were all in good moods and ready to go explore. My husband and I both got in a good workout, and then we took off in the car to downtown Boston. We went right to our old neighborhood, where we lived before Bean was born. They've built a brand new park across the street from our old condo, where there was once an old grungy park. Bean said it was her "favorite park ever." I guess we shouldn't have moved! We played in that park for an hour, and then took the path into one of our favorite areas, Davis Square. Burritos at Anna's Taqueria for for lunch, and then walking again to find the next park. After another hour of laughing together in a different playground, we packed up and drove over to Harvard Square. We wanted to show Bean her future school, no pressure or anything. Walked through the Square, and then topped the day off with chocolate cake and coffee from Finale. Yummmmm. It was one of those days that was so great, I want to lock in that feeling forever to save for a rainy day. All those playground laughs together, the fun of spending an entire day exploring as a family. You never know what life will bring day to day. It's a coin toss really. So we'll lock that one in, and remember it when the coin doesn't fall our way. 

The park across from our old condo. The city has totally redone it, and now it's one of the nicest playgrounds in the city. I'm happy for the people who live on that street!!

 Albion Park

 At Harvard Square, with Bean in front of her future dorm....

 Rubbing John Harvard's shoe for good luck
We thought maybe the smart would rub off on her by just being in the middle of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Not yet. Harvard will have to wait a few years, there's naps to take right now. 

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