Friday, January 13, 2012

{link love} Where My Inspiration Comes From

As I was reading through one of my blog favorites, Lime Lane, I came across this post on where she gets her inspiration, with a link to Creative Collective. That got me thinking about where I get my inspiration from. I started to write out a list, and it got way too long. There are inspirational people and places and things everywhere, so it's hard to narrow it down to a short list. Here's a few from that list that's too long to add here.

1. My family. My daughter, who says new things every day that amaze me; my husband, who saves me when I'm fed up and need a break and has never been anything but wonderful to me; my sister, who lives her life for creative film making; my mom, the tireless artist who will never, ever stop challenging herself. There is no way to name everyone in my family who inspires me. I learn more each day about how important family is, and that in itself is inspiring.

2. Travel.  to new places far and away, to give perspective on my own life. I have a favorite bench in London that I've been to many times, and have made life changing decisions on. Somehow being so far away from my own daily world helps me see what I need to change, and gives me the strength to actually do it.

3. My home and all the funky stuff in it. My house isn't the biggest house on the block, but it's my home, and I'm grateful for it and for being able to share it with my daughter and husband. I'm also inspired by the funky things we've collected over there years, like the vintage radios I've collected. Something about the curves of these old radios, I love the style as opposed to today's more angular style. If I'm ever looking for something to draw, I just look around and there's always something in my house worth drawing.

4. Flea markets. Something about all the old stuff, and the people who collect all that old stuff to sell it. There's always good people watching. Inspiration for stories and drawing.

5. The Internet, including my blog roll and all of my favorite blogs Lime Lane, SF Girl By Bay, The Boo and the Boy, Spearmint Baby, Brooklyn Limestone, and Black Eiffel. And of course Etsy, which I spend so much time on.

6. A glass of wine and good music. I have more creative thoughts when drinking good wine while listening to great music. I may have a headache the next day, but I usually get a great drawing or story out of it.

7. Coffee shops. I love the sights, sounds, smells and music at coffee shops. It could be the caffeine too, but somehow I get so much done at coffee shops. Especially writing. I go to coffee shops every time I have writers block for work. It helps every time.

8. Dr. Seuss. I've been inspired by Dr. Seuss since I was in college. It was then that I learned all about this fascinating story teller and artist. He couldn't draw when he was younger and had a hard time illustrating his books in the bland style of his time period, so he compensated by drawing all of those funny, made up characters that no one had ever seen.

Check out Creative Collective, to add your post on where your inspiration comes from!

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