Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In My Dreams, I Live Here Series on SF Girl By Bay

I love this new series by SF Girl By Bay, called "In My Dreams, I Live Here." In this week's post, the author daydreams about what she would be, what her life would be like and what her home would be like if she were to live in Berlin. The previous post was on her daydream of living in an NYC loft. I love the creativity of these posts.

As kids we spend so much time daydreaming about what our future life we'll be like. I remember those daydreams clearly, and how excited I would get in thinking about all the great places I'd live in and how awesome my home would be. Not that my current suburban life is a disappointment at all, but I think we sometimes forget to continue to daydream because we think/know that the life we daydream about may never happen. Who really cares if it never happens?

So I'll never be a totally amazing teacher/freelance writer in NYC who perfectly balances my family life and work and has the most amazing giant Tribeca apartment that's spacious but cozy, with parking, and a vacation condo in Paris, like I always daydreamed of. Why can't I still daydream about it and think about what it would be like? Not because I'm disappointed with reality, but because it is so fun to daydream. I love the SF Girl posts because they inspire me to do that.

Daydream, it's good for you!! Where would you live and what would your life be like? What would your house look like?

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  1. adore her blog as well!
    a Paris apartment would be a dream as well~
    le sigh...


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