Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photos of the Day - Fall Field Trip

Yesterday felt more like a spring day. After a couple weeks of cold and snow, it was finally warm enough to go outside again and the air had that spring thaw feel to it even though it's only November. We took advantage of this spring-like weather for a "field trip" around our yard to explore all things fall: leaves, pine cones, pine needles, pumpkins that have been half eaten by squirrels, all the sticks covering the lawn from the recent storms... There are lots of things to explore in our own yard right now. This is one of the things I love about being a mom. As a busy adult I never would have taken the time to explore all these great things nature has to offer. Sometimes I get annoyed by the slowness of my toddler, but there are days like this when I really appreciate it.

The few leaves left on the trees
Baby pine cones and big pine cones
Counting baby pine cones and big pine cones
Raking leaves
Jumping in leaf piles

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