Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

This month is National Adoption Awareness month. In honor of this, here are a few of my favorite adoption-related blogs or websites.

They Grow in Your Heart. One of the first adoption blogs I ever followed. I started reading it when we were waiting. It gave me hope during that time, as they were about two years ahead of us in the process and had already adopted a little girl.  They recently adopted a baby boy so she can't blog as much any more, but it's worth a scroll through the older posts for inspiration.

Portrait of an Adoption, one of my favorites. They're doing a series this month called 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days. The first one was today and it brought tears to my eyes with how much I could relate to it, even though the circumstances were different.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Did you know Dave Thomas was adopted? I had heard that on and off over the years but never really knew it until I found his foundation through a coworker. The foundation provides adoption-related education for all sorts of things for adoption and foster care.

Adoptive Families Magazine They have TONS of white papers and articles, and links to resources on this website. The magazine is great too, but the website is full of great info.

Matt and Kara Adopt. A blog written by a pre-adoptive mother, about her journey to parenthood and the ups and downs of the adoption process. Written from the heart.

And for anyone waiting and hoping, here is my little adoption inspiration who I hug every single day. 

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