Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleeping Babies

I love the US. On most days of the year I'm happy to be a US citizen. Having traveled to several places around the world, I have an appreciation for all the freedoms and opportunities we have here. BUT, there are days when I have to question why we all think it's so great here. I found this article from the A Cup of Jo blog on babies sleeping in strollers outside in Denmark fascinating in many ways. Evidently it's common practice in many Scandinavian countries to leave the baby sleeping in the stroller outside rather than bring them in to the cafe, restaurant, shop or wherever you're going. I mean, this would never, ever be able to happen in the US, and in fact it is illegal. We have great freedoms here and the opportunity to do just about anything, but it is also darn unsafe in most places in the US and you have to be on the defensive alot. I'm not saying I'd be able to leave my baby sleeping in a stroller outside the cafe while I drank coffee, but it would be nice to live in an area where that was a safe option I guess. It's interesting to think about anyways.

See more photos and read the article at A Cup of Jo here


  1. I read this same article and thought it was brilliant! You should read a little over at free range kids to see how safe the US actually is. It's hard as a parent to find that balance in protecting our kids (b/c I think that is an instinct for moms) and letting them have plenty of freedom. Enjoy reading your blog and catching up with your life now. :-)

  2. I've never checked out free range kids, but I will! Thanks Jennifer!!


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