Friday, September 9, 2011


Today I am a happy mommy. Today was Bean's first day of Tiny Tots ballet class. She's been so excited about it all week, leaping and twirling around the house in her mini leotard and mini ballet shoes. I'm not sure who was more excited about it, me or her. A few years ago I wasn't sure I'd ever have a child, let alone a beautiful blonde ballerina. I started crying during the class. She didn't know, I hid it well enough but I definitely choked down a few tears. I specifically remember a day about four years ago when I was feeling totally crushed by infertility. I cried that day for about five hours straight, because I was afraid that I'd never have the pleasure of seeing my kid off to their first day of Kindergarten, or in mini ballet classes, soccer lessons, gym classes, and other fun things that parents get to do with their kids. The things that put the biggest smile on kids faces and make you so proud to be a mommy. This memory is still fresh in my mind so I don't take any of Bean's firsts for granted, they mean the world to me. When she's 15 and I'm tired of driving her around to all of her activities, I'll remember this day and how happy I am. It was so sweet to see her in her little leotard, sliding across the dance floor in a not-so-graceful toddler way. She looked like such a big girl, she's becoming such a little person. I am a lucky, lucky mommy. I am a happy mommy.

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