Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A New Old Christmas Tradition

We have a new old Christmas tradition in our house. It's new to us, old to me. This is an advent calendar my mom made many years ago when I was little. We haven't used it in years, this is the first year it's been used since my sister and I enjoyed it over two decades ago. We used to love it, we'd take turns taking out the tiny toys and ornaments and hanging them on the tree. I always got my birthday no matter who's day it was supposed to be. It was a fun tradition that I loved and will always remember.  Most of the original ornaments made it and we're able to use them, but we did have a few casualties that I had to replace. A very favorite teddy bear was replaced by a sea shell. An old piece of candy replaced by a toy dinosaur, and a tiny ceramic mouse replaced by a scrabble letter. I'm happy that Bean is old enough to get it this year-she loves it and runs to it every evening when we get home from daycare. Our first new old Christmas tradition.

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