Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Christmas Present Ever

I think I've complained about how tired I am with a toddler more than once on this blog. It is tiring, all those mornings up so early, dealing with tantrums that come out of nowhere, trips to the pediatrician, and on and on and on. The whole toddler experience can be really tiring. But then, out of nowhere, that crazy toddler does something like this that makes it all worth it - Bean snuck into the other room and wrote her name, without anyone knowing she was doing it. She had just started writing E, we had no idea she knew the other letters or that she knew how to put them all together to write her name. She very simply walked out of the room and walked back in and said "Daddy I wrote my name." I wasn't there to witness it, but she called me on the phone herself to tell me all about it and according to my husband she was jumping up and down with excitement at this monumental achievement. Toddlerhood is tiring, for the little crazies themselves and for us. But it is by far the most amazing thing to see the leaps and bounds they make on a daily basis at this stage, and how incredibly excited they are about it. Those early mornings and struggles with coats and shoes to get out the door are all worth it. Bean writing her name for the first time ever is the very best Christmas present I think I've ever received. Merry Christmas.

It's a little tough to see, but there's an E, M, M and A there, written all by herself. Amazing.

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