Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Who, What, Where, Why and When of Original Beans

Who  Adoptive mom to one feisty toddler and knee deep in paperwork for the adoption of baby #2; faithful wife; confused daughter of one eclectic artist and one organized logistics executive; frustrated homeowner constantly trying to renovate our older house; real estate expert by day, insomniac by night.

What  Original ramblings and a picture a day from a girl with a crowded mind, dedicated to original thought, my Emma Bean and Boston "Beantown" with all of its quirks and charm that I walk though every day.

Where  Here, on this blog, on the internet somewhere in space. While it's not my favorite medium, it will do. I'd rather have a spiral notebook with a photo printer next to me at all times to print photos and write about them in the notebook every day. But I can't carry a printer around all day, I couldn't share it, and I couldn't work on it during long boring real estate calls.

Why Because I can; because no one else will ever be me, have the thoughts I have, or see things the way I do; because I want to push through all the doubts I have about doing something like this; because I need to do something more productive with all those hours I spend trying to sleep; because I want to inspire my daughter and help her to foster her own original thought; because I want to stop and take pictures every day so I don't miss my life as it goes by day by day; because my mom always pushed me to find the beauty in people and the things that happen to you even if you have to really look for it sometimes.

When Every single day, at least a picture and at least a few words. This seemed daunting to me at first, but now I think my problem will be picking which picture to use and which words to write of all the thoughts in my head.

Today's picture is of my Emma Bean. She's a spicy little toddler with a major attitude, but she's my inspiration. Emma was adopted from Florida. She was born on St.Patrick's Day in 2009 and we got the call that day that very day. We didn't even know she existed until that day. But once I got the call from our agency, I started calling her Bean. I just had this feeling that she was a little Bean, without knowing her at all or every seeing her. It was such fate. When we got to Florida and saw her, she truly was the cutest little Bean we had ever seen and the name stuck. She'll always be our Emma Bean, and I'll always believe in faith, miracles, and fate.

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