Thursday, April 28, 2011

The ER

I admit, I'm cheating and using a picture from last night. Today I had an adventure in two NYC ERs, Roosevelt and St.Luke's. I had an allergic reaction to something in my hotel room and ended up with blurred vision and a scratch in my cornea. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, and I freaked out a few times during the ordeal, both for fear of losing my vision and feeling so out of place in an ER so far from home. All I'll say is that I am unbelievably grateful after that experience for my access to the best healthcare in the world here in Boston. The doctors at both hospitals ended up being wonderful and I wanted to hug them, but you have to share them with 200 other people with no healthcare. I'm also grateful for the love that surrounds me, and for being part of such a big supportive family and group of friends and even co-workers who care about me and came to my rescue today. Seeing the people in the ER, and especially the children, who wear their social status on their faces and in their voices and clothes just makes my heart break. And makes me wonder, how did I get so lucky?
When I got to Brooklyn I had a Hofbrau beer in a German beer hall and took this picture from across the street. There's something so awesome about the color of the brick and the motorcycle and the subway station. I've never been to Brooklyn, and I'm so happy I got to sneak in a little visit last night to my cousin Christina's house. Brooklyn is full of gorgeous brownstones, interesting people, eclectic shops and amazing restaurants.  People have their own style, and there's a close neighborhood feel that you don't get in Manhattan. The brownstones are absolutely stunning there, and there are row after row of them. Christina lives in an old brownstone that she loves, and is so grateful to live there. I don't think I'll do this house justice trying to describe it. It is the most mysterious house I've ever seen. The second I walked in I felt like I was in a living novel, something along the lines of a Jack Kerouac novel with separate rooms and a shared kitchen and baths. Everything about the house was mysterious and creative, and there were rooms covered with curtains that Christina hadn't ever seen. The stairs were dilapidated and creaky, but that and their chipped paint and unfinished railing gave it a literary air. The Romanian owners of this house have it furnished with enormous, ornate furniture supposedly from royalty in Russia. The furniture was over-sized and in better shape than the building itself, but it fit and added to the feel. I think if I lived in this house I'd write a novel, either about it or the tenants who live there or Brooklyn or one of the other super interesting things to write about out there. One of the most interesting houses I have ever seen.

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