Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Idea Tuesday - Dry Erase Alphabet

I found this dry erase alphabet idea on Pinterest the other day, originally from Or So She Says, and One Hot Crafty Mama. It's so easy, and Bean LOVES it. All you need is a binder, dry erase markers, clear sheet protectors, and several letter pages that can be printed free from here. I printed out Bean's name and several other letters that she's picked up lately to start with rather than print the entire alphabet. She totally loves using the dry erase marker on the letter pages, more so than just printing them out and using pencils or pens. There's something fun for her about using markers, especially ones that can be erased. So she has more of an interest in tracing the letters this way.  And it was soooo easy to create! I had a binder and clear sheet protectors laying around, so I didn't even have to go the store. Just a suggestion, I use Crayola dry erase markers, which we have in the house also for a dry erase board downstairs. The Crayola version are much more kid friendly. They're not technically washable, but I've washed them out of a few outfits with no problem.

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