Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Weekend

Is this what you're doing this weekend when you wake up?
via English Muse, via Flickr
Not me. Nope.  No waking up leisurely now, reading a book or the newspaper in bed with a cup of coffee. It's up and at em with the chickens, aka toddler. But ahh, one can dream. I sometimes really miss those pre-kid leisurely weekend mornings. But then again, this morning we woke up to the sound of Bean singing her ABC's to some of her stuffed animals in bed. And at least now the sun is up when she wakes up, unlike a few years ago when she'd wake up at 5am and it felt like the entire world was still asleep. Someday soon Bean will sleep until noon and I'll be the one dragging her out of bed. And I can enjoy my book and coffee in bed once more. Until then, I'll enjoy the sweet sound of her tiny voice waking us up on weekend mornings. One of the best alarm clocks I can imagine. Happy weekend!

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