Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is Why I've Been Missing

I haven't blogged in a week. This is why. I am love with a tiny, brown haired, 8 pound beautiful little boy who came into our lives all of a sudden on a Saturday morning. We have been in North Carolina loving on him, becoming a family, and all I've cared about is kissing his tiny baby hands and arms and legs and cheeks because I know how fast he'll grow up. It's been a long, humbling, uncertain week that has changed my life. Bean has a baby brother, Colin, "Cookie" as she calls him. Bean and Cookie, my daughter and my son, brought to me through two strong birth mothers and the miracle of adoption. My life is complete, I am a happy, happy mama. 


  1. We're with you on this journey, even though we can't be there in N. Carolina. Can't wait to hold this little one....and his Mommie.

  2. Hey Laura! I love your blog - and now you'll have a lot more to blog about. Hang in down there; we're all rooting for you & can't wait to meet that little bundle of cute. xoxoxo (Great) Aunt Maria


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