Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bean's Big Girl Room

Now that we're finally, FINALLY done with the adoption paperwork, I'm starting to daydream about Bean's big girl room and the new baby's nursery. She's starting to learn how to climb in and out of her crib, so I know it's a matter of time before we'll have to move things around and get a big girl bed. 
I should have been an interior decorator, for all the time I think about decorating our house! It's just something I love to do. Plus, this is probably the last room for her that I'll really be able to design (with her help, of course). By the time we do a new room, she'll be big enough to have all of her own design opinions and probably won't want my help (eeeek!!). Anyways, I have some ideas for turning Bean's nursery into a big girl room in a few months-it'll be a mix of new and vintage, most of the new stuff from Ikea - which is so awesome for cheaper kids furniture that gets used only for a couple of years. Bean definitely wants pink on the walls. She's ALL pink and only wants pink stuff these days. I think we're going with Pink Cadillac for the walls, by Benjamin Moore. I'm hoping to incorporate some blue in there too by painting a vintage side table and vintage child's desk that a friend of the family gave us when Emma was born. In general, this picture from The Boo and the Boy is the color scheme we'll probably use, which is mostly pink (hot pink and light pink) but also has some blue in it. 

I also like the style of this room with the pennants and bed canopy from Ikea: 
I also LOVE this superhero sock monkey I found on The Boo and the Boy, from RaRa and Meme - the colors are perfect to match the light pinks, hot pinks, and blues in the room.

Here's a few more ideas, including a French-inspired bed from Ikea, heart bedding that Bean picked out from Ikea, a few rug ideas to match the bedding, the Eames rocking chair that I've always loved that adds a little modern style to the room, and a pink dress-up station that we're going to make from a $15 vintage dresser we found:

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